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Top Tips on How to Shop for School / Daycare Playground Equipment

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Posted by Drew Abraham, Playground Specialist for ALPHA PLAYGROUNDS INC.

When it comes to shopping for a new commercial playground equipment many of our clients might not know where to start. As adults we can all remember playing on these playgrounds as children, but back then we didn’t worry about such things as safety and durability. We were kids, and all we wanted to do was have fun!

Luckily, Alpha Playgrounds is here to help. Choosing the perfect playground for any location or budget doesn’t have to be difficult. By just answering a few easy questions you can be well on your way to completing that commercial project.

1. What age group are you looking for? Ages “2 – 5” or “5 – 12”

2. How many children do you need to accommodate?

3. How much space do you have for the playground?

4. What kind of surface will the playground be built upon? Grass, Dirt, or Concrete?

5. How is the drainage in the designated space? Does the area flood after heavy rain?

6. Is the potential site for the playground level?

7. Is the potential site fenced, or closed in?

8. Can a work crew easily access the playground area for construction?

9. Are there trees or other structures that provide shade to the potential playground site?

10. Is there a specific time frame for the project’s completion?

11. What is your budget?

12. Would you be interested in owning or leasing the playground equipment?

Once these questions are answered we can better provide you with a scenario and estimate that suits your specific needs best. We assure you that our expertise and knowledge of playground structures, layouts, and construction will help make this an easy process.

Trust the professionals and contact us today for a free estimate. Come see what Alpha Playgrounds INC. can do for your commercial space with less stress than you ever thought possible.


We here at Alpha Playgrounds INC. have the knowledge, training, and experience to offer a vast variety of services including, but not limited to:

· Playground Design– By evaluating your current or potential site our experts can design the right playground for your needs. Whether it is building a new playground from scratch or upgrading an aged playground, our design team will help to maximize safety without taking away from fun.

· Playground Inspections – Our in-house certified playground inspectors can inspect and audit any playground in the United States. Their goal in to insure every playground we install or modify s up to code.

· Ground Preparation – This is a key to any playground, and an important base to any structure. When necessary we can excavate, pour concrete, and work with substrates such as crushed stone and gravel in order to prepare any ground for safe surfacing.

· Playground Surfacing With so many different playground surfaces to choose from, it’s no wonder many people turn to us for our expert analysis. Whether it be poured in place rubber (PIP), shredded rubber, Play It Safe organic mulch, synthetic turf artificial grass, or play sand our design team can help you decide which would be best for your environment.

· Playground Upgrades and Accessories – Outdated or existing playgrounds can always be updated with new components and accessories. By installing more independent play events you will assure the longevity of your playground for years to come.

· Playground Maintenance – Everyday use, weather, and vandalism are just a few of the things that can damage playgrounds over time. That is why having a company that can regularly maintain a playground over time is important. By replacing parts and structures as needed you will help safeguard every child’s safety year round. As a bonus we can also repair worn out and damaged poured in place rubber.

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