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Posted by Drew Abraham, Playground Specialist for ALPHA PLAYGROUNDS INC.

1. Can you send a representative to our location? Yes, a representative can come to your site, meet with you, and discuss your playground options.

2. Does your company do the installation? We have several teams of professional in-house installers who have received factory training. We will install your playground according to factory installation specifications. You do not have to worry about dealing with an outside company. We take an above compliance attitude towards the installation of your children’s playground.

3. Can I pick and choose colors? For most of our products we have a palette of colors that our representative will share with you. You can pick your own scheme of colors.

4. How long have you been in business? We have been in the business of selling and installing playgrounds for over 20 years. We have sold and serviced thousands of customers.

5. Can you help us design our playground? Do you offer a custom design and layout? We will take the time to evaluate your site and design the right playground for your needs. Our in-house design department will work with you so you can have the playground you imagined.

6. How long will it take for my order to be delivered? It usually takes us 8-12 weeks for our orders to be delivered.

7. Do you also do the surfacing for playgrounds? Absolutely, we have different options like safety rubber surfacing or artificial grass turf from which you can choose to ensure the safety of your children.

8. Do I need playground surfacing? A playground is not complete without safety surfacing. The area under and around the playground should meet ASTM standards and the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines.

9. How can I address my playground’s surfacing? Choosing surface materials can be a complex and confusing decision. There are many types and brands of surfacing materials on the market. What’s important to understand is that there are only four surfaces that meet current national safety standards, and they can be placed in two categories: loose-fill materials, like sand, gravel, shredded wood products; and unitary materials, like rubber mats or poured in place rubber-like materials and artificial grass turf. Natural grass, soil, packed dirt, rocks, concrete and asphalt are among those that are not approved safety surfaces.

10. How much do playgrounds cost? Playgrounds vary greatly in cost and can range anywhere from $2,000 to over $100,000. When developing a budget for your playground important factors to consider are the number of children that will use the playground at any given time and the age of those children. Safety surfacing for playgrounds (that cushions and protects children when they fall) can vary greatly in cost also. Engineered wood fiber has a less expensive initial investment than synthetic rubber surfaces but requires more maintenance and does not last as long as the synthetic pour in place and tile surfaces.

11. Is there a lot of maintenance to be done on playgrounds? The most common maintenance work that needs to be done regularly is ensuring that the safety surfacing is kept up. Engineered wood fibers must be raked and kept at a consistent depth, while synthetic rubber surfaces must also be kept clean. The maintenance for a playground structure varies greatly depending on the quality and type of materials used to construct the playground. Wooden materials require more maintenance than steel and steel more maintenance than aluminum. Selecting a playground equipment company that has IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association: provides a third party certification service that validates that the equipment meets all standards) certified equipment and has a solid warranty will insure high quality and low maintenance costs for your playground. No matter what kind of playground your community has, someone should be responsible for regularly inspecting the playground space

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